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Combining a holistic and medical approach to wellness, our individualized treatment plans frequently include:

Natural & Medical Weight Loss
We can assist you in weight management both medically and naturally through the implementation of Nutritionists, Dietician, Personal Trainers, and Lifestyle Coaches. Our Team can help you navigate the physical symptoms of weight problems and the related psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects as well.
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
Our BHRT program is Physician prescribed and supervised. As we age the amount of our hormones decline. This decline creates hormonal imbalances which cause negative side effects that look and feel like aging. Hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, progesterone and many others can be measured to assess your body's hormonal function. If needed, hormone replacement therapy can be used to assist in slowing, stopping and reversing the negative effects of aging.
Meal & Nutrition Plans
Our Nutritionists and Dieticians will help you relearn how to shop, cook and eat in a way that fits a healthier more active lifestyle.  You will learn how food works to fuel and nourish the body and why choosing the right foods to incorporate into your diet has a powerful impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Our Team prescribes only high-end Nutraceutical Vitamins & Supplements. Chronic conditions, medications, weight goals, and special diets will be considered when devising an individualized plan to reach your nutritional goals.
Stress Reduction Techniques
Our Team utilizes the combined expertise of such specialists as Clinical and Holistic Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Life Coaches, Massage Therapists, Meditation Specialist and Personal Trainers who will teach you stress reduction techniques such as exercise, mediation, yoga, massage therapy, and hypnosis. You will learn and explore new ways to break old patterns of thinking believing, and behaving which are barriers to successful life changes.
Advanced Skin Care & Aesthetics
Outer beauty is achieved through inner balancing. All treatments at SACKS Wellness Center are individualized and may vary depending on the condition and type of skin. Our Skin Care treatments are designed to be relaxing as well as result oriented. All Hylunia and Hymed products are free of dyes, fragrances, parabens and preservatives. Pure, Safe Effective and Natural.
Fitness Coaching and More
Under the highly-trained hands of SACKS Wellness Center's Massage Therapists you will experience the benefits of individualized and specialized massage therapy. All treatments are therapeutic as well as relaxing and rejuvenating.

If you are over or underweight, suffering from hormone imbalances, losing vitality, feeling stressed or just ready to get back to your youthful state, contact us today.

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Combining a holistic and medical approach to wellness, we individualize custom treatment plans specifically to your needs. Tell us a little about yourself and one of our wellness coaches will follow-up.


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